What is oddfab?

Oddfab Design Lab was formed expressly to pursue commissions in public art. Whether through competitive applications for civic projects, or by direct commission from individuals or corporations, or even providing fabrication and installation of works by other artists, this aim is paramount.

      Owner/Designer Hugh Meade has significant experience in managing architectural/construction projects with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, from initial design and creative work to the final inspection for permits, and every stage between. As a licensed sign contractor in Oklahoma City, Oddfab Design Lab works to influence the public aesthetic environment, using many of the same materials, techniques, and skills involved in the creation and installation of large public art works.

      “I believe strongly in the power of public art to create a sense of place. When I picture any particular city around the globe, that picture almost always includes some piece of public art in one form or another. I think that architectural signage, when done well, is a form of public art. Certainly part of the visual landscape, at least.”

Some signage is so distinctive that it does, in fact, become the representative art of that place. Think of the classic Vegas Strip, or the Metro in Paris.

“Above all, my overwhelming creative impulse is to invoke a sense of wonder in those encountering my work.”

It means exactly what you think it does…and more 

Odd, yes. As in not usual or expected. And also Fab. As in Fabulous. Or Fabricate.

It also stands for On Demand Digital Fabrication, which is of course the future of design and manufacturing. Managing the existing technologies in digital design software and CNC manufacturing machines, ODDFAB is preparing for a future without warehouses (and greatly reduced shipping distances). Making what is desired or required with sustainable practices in mind.

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